As a professional, POY tools gave me the possibility to approach issues that arise from patients in an unexpected

but precise way, the session flows dynamically, and patients feel freer to express their thoughts when they do it through

the tools and the deep contents that accompany the games.

When I work with groups, the dynamics that are generated through the different POY workshops is incredible, people love tools,

they value and enjoy a new experience full of purpose and meaning.

Personally, it has been a healing experience, it has allowed me to take a time exclusively for me of introspection and openness,

in an environment of sensitivity and respect.

I have gained new friends whom I consider to be family, with strong ties based on the true value of the noblest meaning of being human.



The experience with the trainer at the beginning was very disconnected, I was not “excited” about it, I just went.

But through the process I realized that something stronger than my mind took me there.

The kind of things you don’t need to understand. I commit to the process, I trusted all to the process… and It was amazing!!!

I gain lots of clarity, strength, and devotion. Now I really trust my process.

Trust the process, not everything is coherent, but always makes sense.



My amazing Points of You® TCP, experience in Poland.

What happened there, can’t tell.

Not because, what happens in POY TCP, stays there, but because it’s difficult to put it in words.

It’s a journey, you should experience yourself! In short, there were tears & laughter’s, there were cards, pictures, words.

There was love, there was magic, there was us.

I met myself & others, felt the love in action , trusted the process and now I am back with my heart open.

Thanks to everyone just being there, and being you.


Country Leader – Poland

To say it was amazing it is like to say nothing..

One of the greatest experiences in my life, to be part of Celebration 10 anniversary of Points of You!

It is like a Dream came true.. well everything in Points of You starts from the Dream!

Together with people from 35 deferent countries we are all connected by the same mission – to open hearts and minds all over the World!

Thank you Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani for bringing life changing method, tools, experience to so many souls!

Two days of creative workshops ended with an amazing production Faces-live.. It will resonate in me forever!!

Thank you Points of You HQ team for your good vibes, energy and hard work to make it happen!

Thank you, my wonderful husband Marek Slaby for sharing this experience with me!!

My heart is full of Love and Gratitude. ❤


Certified Trainer – Poland

Time to go back home. But had the most amazing time in my life.

Both in the retreat and in Global Workshop Festival.

What I love the most about Points of You is how it connects people.

For the last few days I could connect with people from so many different parts of the world

(Japan, Singapore, Thailand Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Latvia and many many more)

We are all different but also all the same, one tribe and we can make the world a better place but we need to start by looking into us first!

Thank you to everyone that I met in the past few days. You are all amazing and special and I learned so much from all of you. 




I shared the Global Workshop Festival of Points of You in Jerusalem, for me was the first approach to the method, and the first time with the Tribe. 

I have been helping me and helping others to find the meaning of our existence and to live a life full of meaning for more than 10 years through the

teachings of the Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah.

What I have experienced in these two full days, has been wonderful! 

The energy that makes souls shine is inexplicable with words, you need to live the experience to feel it!

I understand that Points of You is not just a method, or a game, it is a movement that will change the paradigm of shared life forever!

It is a movement that invites us to become aware of the here and now, but taking into account the future, taking care of ourselves and the others us we are one.

It is a movement with vision, is a movement with love and art.

For me is My Tribe! And I want to welcome Points of You to my life!

Thank you!




Hi Iris, hi all ❤

A soon as I heard of the Retreat in the Desert of Negev – Israel several months ago, I decided to participate and I started to

count the days that separated me from the depart. And finally came the day.

The Retreat has been an extraordinary experience for me.

I love the desert, the blue sky and the dark night full of stars… and this natural and powerful setting was perfect to restore and balance me,

to reach new level of intuition and creativity in my work and in my entire life.

I had the opportunity to connect with my inner essence, out of “the noise” of my everyday life.

Efrat and Yaron have been able to facilitate the process in an atmosphere of happiness, love and respect.

This deep experience created a magical, strong, full of love and mutual respect relationship with the other participants.

Even after the Desert Retreat, during the Global Workshop Festival, we spent free time together with fun and with sincere friendship.

It was so amazing to meet people of about 35 nationalities, with different cultures and habits but all with open-hearts and all in love with Points of You!

I appreciated very much the division into 3 sections of the Global Workshop Festival: Corporate Training, Personal Development,

and Free Style among which I was able to choose the best workshops for me.

Very interesting!!!

Thank to you all for the great job! ❤



Certified Trainer – Canada

Hi Abi,

It was great meeting you and thank you so much for your support and your kindness!

During the Global Workshop Festival Jean-Luc and I have experienced a wonderful connection with our tribe.

We opened our heart and our mind. We have experimented expansion and Free Love.

All workshops we attended to were very inspiring and we appreciated the professionalism of the facilitators.

Points of You® HQ staff put a tremendous effort to make this event a success.

They were amazing and made us feel safe and supported.

To wrap it up in a few words, the 2017 Global Worshop Festival has been a true manifestation of what can happen when you expect miracles!

We love you all, choice joy! ❤


Certified Trainer – Philippines

The Global Workshop Festival has been a wonderful experience!  

2 years after my TCP in New York, it felt good to be around the tribe, feeling the same energy and enthusiasm.  

It was overwhelming! 

There were no borders as different cultures and languages converged into one.  

We were speaking one language – Points of You. 

It was a very meaningful balance as I experienced Corporate, Free style and Coaching/Therapy sessions all throughout the two days.  

The whole event was well thought out – from the venue, food, Live event – very experiential indeed.  

Unexpected but precise!

Thanks to the Points of You Team for making this a huge success! More power!


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