December 2017

Happy New Year 2018


Hi to us all,

Happyyyyyyy Holidayyyyy

The path is wiser than the walker.

Just over 10 years ago, we started on a path, a true journey with an idea that was all heart  .

We then pursued this idea with the desire of enabling each and every one of us to find peace inside ourselves,

to open our hearts, to break patterns and to feel a true sense of belonging to something that is

much bigger than all of us …

And, also, to turn this idea into a company, a business that we can make a decent living from, and that will create a great

income for many other people.

Allowing us to engage in what we love most – inner research.


We never would have believed it if someone had told us that in 2017 we would celebrate 10 years of Points in Jerusalem with a

tribe of 150 people from 40 different countries,

That we would launch a new game – FACES (for those of you who still do not have it – it’s a must)!

That 250 people would graduate from the international Trainer Certification Program, and that following the unconceivably

high demand for this professional journey, we would prepare another 16 of our top trainers to be the future mentors and leaders of this special program.

That our HQ team would employ more than 25 new and amazingly talented people,

That there would be a crazy demand for our games and our method in Latin America, Asia, Europe … Wow!

One word – WOW!

It’s not that we didn’t dream of it, it’s not that we didn’t plan and arrange every small idea we had into missions and “to do”

lists and then gallop ahead, we did it all and we still do … but mainly, we just followed our hearts.

It was very important to bring who we were, who we are – our true selves, and to express it simply, without pretensions, without slogans,

with a small desire to knock on hearts’ doors and say: “Hello, hi how are you? How do you feel? We want to remind you

that everything is OK and please, allow yourself, just for a moment, to stop and observe, it’s OK.”


It’s not that the path is not challenging, it’s even more challenging than any dream we dared to dream …

But what can we say?

It’s worth it! On every level!

We want to thank you for taking our dream and turning it into yours, for paying it forward, leading with your hearts, with so much love,

to every corner of the world. Every time we see photos of our games somewhere in the world, it immediately opens our hearts, and we get excited,

sometimes we tear up… Thank you for taking a significant part of the breakthrough we made this year.

And in 2018.

Next year we wish for you and us to continue to deepen roots, grow, flourish, expand….

We wish for of us all to open our hearts and just love … until the fears, wrinkles, mistakes, misunderstandings, hiccups, noises, hierarchies,

wars – disappear, and we just start celebrating life. 

So, are you ready? It’s time for opening up your hearts to an abundance of pure love – with PLAYFULNESS.


This is an Invitation for you to walk on those unknown paths that bring only good, and mostly are … smarter than us.

True Love,

Efrat and Yaron.


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