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I love studying, discovering new approaches, tools, researches, etc.
One day, research on how to change mindsets, beliefs, Points of You® tools as I say ‘found me’.
It appeared in my timeline and when I saw the video I immediately went to find out what it was about.
I thought to myself: that is amazing but not for now.
After a few months one of my daughters were struggling with depression and wrote some goodbye notes,
I found them, it was devastating. I decided to look for a different kind of help and went to a family
and organizational constellation workshop run by Guilhermo Echegaray, Ph.D. in Philosophy,
Clinical and Organizational psychology. He was using The Coaching Game.
When I touched the game, I thought ‘I must really find out what is this about’,
I don’t believe in coincidences.

I scheduled a call with Israel, I was in the psychologist’s office where my daughter was having
a session and the young lady explained to me what it was about.
She showed me the tool, told me a little bit about its story and said, now let’s play.
Think about an issue that you have right now and ask a question to yourself. I did.
She asked then, to pick a number, I did.
When she showed me the picture I started to cry and told her, please enroll me in the certification course.
The card that I picked was ‘guilt’. The question I asked was: how can I set my kids free?

Photo card from The Coaching Game

I went for the certification program in October 2016 and a whole new world open up for me,
not just personally but also professionally.
The tools are based on phototherapy, powerful words and questions from coaching.

I am a professor and coach. I graduated in Arts, was a Steiner English teacher for 15 years,
I know the power of an image.
Like Alberto Manguel writes in his book Reading Pictures, “…through all the possibilities that language offer us,
we are essentially creatures of images, of pictures. Every thought process requires images…
In any of the cases, images like words are the matter of what we are made of…”

And this is exactly what happens when I use the tools, everyone ‘sees’ something, the images connect dots,
raise awareness and what I love most about them, at each person’s own time.
Sometimes the insight takes 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 months it doesn’t matter, people see when they are ready to see.
One of my certification colleagues Terry H. Hildebrandt, Ph.D., MCC, MCEC points out so beautifully “…
I have personally found Points of You® to be useful in almost any setting including working with individuals and groups.
In addition to coaching, other professions such as psychology and counseling have used the tools
with their patients to gain deeper insight and emotional release.

While the tools come with recommended games to play, you can also create your own games and workshops.
Before using the cards is highly recommended that you “Pause” first, which includes taking a few minutes to
allow quiet reflection and space for relaxation and clarity.
The Pause is a break from our usual routine to allow us to direct our focus inward to connect with ourselves.
The pause prepares us to explore using the tools with more focus and clarity.

The approach to using the cards includes holding in mind a particular question or topic that you want to explore.
This might be a challenge, decision, problem, opportunity, or relationship where you would like to gain deeper insight or
new creative solutions. You then either spread the cards in front of you, face up or face down.
You then choose cards from the deck. You can use both the images and the words to reflect on answers to your key questions.
The process maps in the game kit provide specific instructions with questions to look at relationships, awareness of the
specific topic, issues of gain and loss, and past, present, and future…”

There are thousands of possibilities when using the tools and it brought my personal as well as my professional life to whole new level.

Feel like playing? Play on line but don’t skip the ‘pause’.

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